Discovery Launch, Campbell River, BC, Canada
Scheduled Water Taxi, Freight Transportation, Boat Charters and Eco Tours
Based in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Discovery Launch skippers are all Transport Canada Certified. With several thousand nautical miles under our belt we literally know the area like the back of our hand. Discovery Launch Water Taxi provide service 365 days a year! 

Regent Doray

Regent has skippered the watertaxi since 1995 in the coastal waters off Campbell River. Regent originally moved to British Columbia to go tree planting. He worked his way through the ranks of the tree planting industry and eventually became a project supervisor. He would ride the water taxi to work and his interest in becoming a professional mariner grew. Regent began working for Discovery Launch in 1995. He bought the business in 1998 and hasn't looked back!

Joe Harper

Joe has lived in Canada for 10 years, he is originally from Lincolnshire, England.  He is a "jack of all trades". He has worked many different types of jobs: welding, logging, a fishing guide and construction. Joe's hobbies include hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, quading, skiing, 4 x 4'ing - just a real outdoors guy and Discovery Launch is lucky to have him on our team!


Oliver is Discovery Launch's mascot; he is a purebred French Bulldog.  Oliver is two years old and enjoys coming to the office to hang out. The customers love him and fight to get on the same boat as him. His hobbies include sleeping on the desk, eating whatever he wants, boat rides and snuggling with anyone and everyone who lets him on their lap! Oh and sometimes, his Dad drives for us.

Cathy Enns

Cathy has lived in Campbell River for over 30 years. She has been with Discovery Launch for more than 14 years. She loves kayaking, fishing, camping...anything outdoors!  Cathy has been an active member of the local Search and Rescue as well as a volunteer with the Campbell River SPCA. With many years in the hospitality industry Cathy knows how to keep our customers happy.

Cathy is responsible for the office operations, expediting and dispatching for Discovery Launch and is the smiling voice you'll hear on the phone.