Discovery Launch, Campbell River, BC, Canada
Scheduled Water Taxi, Freight Transportation, Boat Charters and Eco Tours
Based in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Our "Hot Zone" is from the Head of Knights Inlet to the Head of Jervis Inlet.


Here is a list of some of our destinations:

Bute Inlet - Alpha Bluff, Bear Bay, Boyd Bay,  Fawn Bluff, Hare Creek, Homathco River, Mallersh Pt., Moh Creek, Orford River, Potato Pt., Purcell Pt, Southgate River

Call Inlet

Copeland Islands

Cormorant Island

Cortes Island - Mansons Landing, Whaletown, Cortes Bay, Carrington Bay, Squirrel Cove,  Gorge Harbour.

Dent Island

Desolation Sound - Roscoe Bay, Doctor Bay, Prideaux Haven

East Thurlow Island - Bickley Bay, Brougham Pt., Hemming Bay, Turn Harbour, Shoal Bay

Frederick Arm

Gilford Island - Scott Cove, Duck Cove

Hardwicke Island

Hernando Island - Stag Bay

Jervis Inlet - Saltry Bay, Vanguard Bay, Head of Jervis

Knights Inlet - Adeane Pt, Glendale Cover ( Knights Inlet Lodge) Head of Knights Inlet, Rough Pt.

Loughborough Inlet - Apple River, Beaver Inlet, Coopers Reach, Fraser Bay, Grassey Pt., Heydon Bay, Poison Creek, Sidney Bay

Mainland - Atwood Bay(Homfrey Channel), Blenkinsop Bay, Church House, Codero Lodge, D'Arcy Pt(Chancellor Channel), Forward Harbour, Frances Bay, Homfrey Creek, Jackson Bay(Topaz Inlet), Lund, McLeod Bay, Pender Harbour, Picton Pt., Powell River, Prideaux Haven, Shaw Pt., Vancouver Bay

Malaspina Inlet - Lancelot Inlet, Okeover Inlet, Theodosia Inlet

Marina Island

Maud Island

Maurelle Island

Mitlenatch Island

Octopus Islands

Pendrell Sound

Penn Islands

Phillip Arm

Port Neville

Pryce Channel

Quadra Island - Cape Mudge, Chonat Bay, Granite Bay, Heriot Bay, Kanish Bay, Pulton Bay, Waiatt Bay

Ramsay Arm - Quatum River, Head of Ramsay Arm

Raza Island

Read Island - Evans Bay, Surge Narrows, White Rock Passage

East Redonda Island

Rendevous Island

Savary Island

Sonora Island - Barnes Bay, Busby Island, Diamond Bay, Greensea Bay, Hole in the Wall, Owen Bay, Sonora Resort, Thurston Bay (Nodales), Walters Pt., Younge Pass

Stuart Island - Big Bay, Kellsey Pt, Arran Pt

Subtle Island

Teakerne Arm - Cassel Lake, Talbot Cove

Texada Island - Blubber Bay, Raven Bay, VanAnda Bay

Toba Inlet - Brem River, Channel Island, Double Island, Mac Creek, Nor Creek, Tahumming River

Turnour Island

Vancouver Island - Kelsey Bay, Little River, Robson Bight, Rock Bay, Sayward

West Redonda Island - Doctor Bay, Redonda Bay, Refuge Cove

West Thurlow Island - Blind Channel, Butterfly Bay, Greene Point Rapids, Knox Bay



If its not on here, it doesn't mean that we don't go there, just give us a call - 250-287-7577