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Eco Tours to the Discovery Islands, Desolation Sound and Beyond

Discovery Launch Water Taxi offers sightseeing Marine Eco tours in the lush waters between Vancouver Island and the West Coast of British Columbia. This area boasts an amazing array of sea birds, Bald Eagles, Killer Whales (Orcas), seals and sea lions, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, First Nations village sites and lots of good, old fashioned breathtaking scenery. All tours leave from our convenient dock location in downtown Campbell River at the Fisherman's Wharf

We offer affordable family tours, up to 11 passengers for $280 an hour.

Our big boat  - twin engine - has seating for up to 12 passengers and is $350 per hour. Discovery Launch has three water taxis and can accommodate larger groups.  Have a stag or stagette? A wedding on one of the Islands? Call us and we can put together a custom tour.


Rapids Tour: 3hrs 
Feel Mother Natures power on this exhilarating 3 hour tour of some of the fastest tidal waters in the world. This tour will take you through Seymour Narrows, Okisollo, Hole in The Wall, Yaculta and Arran Rapids. Watch as the ocean waters act like a swift moving river, water boils and whirlpools appear and vanish like magic. The water in these areas gather speeds up to 16kts (30 km/hr).

Campbell River to Teakerne Arm - 4 hour Tour:

Your first stop on this tour is  Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park which is home to the largest seabird colony in the Strait of Georgia. All sedentary marine life, including abalones, scallops and sea cucumbers, are fully protected within the park's boundaries, which extend 300 meters out from the shore. This nature reserve is an important nesting colony for thousands of Glaucous-winged Gulls, as well as pelagic cormorants, pigeon guillemots, black oyster catchers, rhinoceros auklets and many other species of birds. Marine life around the island includes river otters and harbour seals throughout the year, as well as Steller and California sea lions from late fall to May.

Next on to Refuge Cove for a bathroom break. While here you can have a snack from the coffee shop or mail a loved one a post card from this remote Post Office. After this short break we will carry on to "Teakerne Arm Provincial Park". This park protects a spectacular waterfall that cascades from Cassel Lake directly into the ocean. Desolation Sound boasts warm waters and both the ocean and Cassel Lake offer pristine swimming conditions. There is a 1 km hiking trail to Cassel Lake, no viewing platforms exist although excellent viewing is available from the trail near the top of Cassel Falls.

Campbell River to Cortes Island:
AM drop off and PM pick up, suited to your schedule!

Beautiful Cortes Island is located between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland.  It has lakes, beautiful sandy beaches, forests and just over 1000 full time residents - numbers go up in the summertime.  There are gift shops and galleries that sell the local artists work as well as great little restaurants.  Cortes Island has an annual Seafood Festival in May with the best seafood you will ever taste!  Recreational opportunities include fresh water swimming in Hague Lake, and marine wildlife viewing in Mansons Lagoon.  Facilities at Mansons Lagoon include picnic tables, 1 outhouse and a sandy spit. Hauge Lake has a outhouse, information shelter and a sandy beach. A short walk from Hauge Lake you will find a small grocery store and a Take Out Restaurant.

Pick a day, grab your friends or family and Discovery Launch Water Taxi will drop you off at Mansons Landing in the morning and pick you up in the late afternoon.  This is a self guided tour, we will arm you with all the information and maps you will need for a very pleasant day on your own. Please feel free to bring your Kayaks or Canoes or bikes on this trip.

Seafood Festival

Black Bear in Bute Inlet

These are just a couple of tours we can do. Whether you want to go to places to see birds, sea lions and other wildlife or to beautiful areas with remote lakes and waterfalls.  We would love to design a custom tour to what you would like to see.


Of course you can always come along on one of our regularly scheduled freight and water taxi runs. This working boat tour gives you a great opportunity to see the working side of coastal Vancouver Island and British Columbia. Every trip is different depending on where we have to go that day. Cost is $90 per person and you are welcome to bring your lunch and beverages.


Visit places like Stuart Island, Blind Channel, Shoal Bay, Cordero Lodge, Dent Island Lodge, Owen Bay, and Rendezvous Island; miles away from the nearest town, many of these lodge provide luxury service and all of their goods are delivered by boat! 


Contact us for more information or to book your trip - 250-287-7577

Great Touring Vessels!

Our vessels transport up to 12 passengers and give everyone an excellent view! Comfortable seats and a heated cabin for cooler weather ensure your comfort. One of our 12 passenger vessels has a marine head (toilet) in a forward compartment.


Scheduled Working tour rate: $90 per passenger
Trip Duration: 2 - 4 hours, depending on the day's schedule!



Mansons Landing

Bute Inlet

Waterfalls in Toba Inlet

Pacific white sided dolphins

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